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Make some stuff this weekend!

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just thought I’d share something I made incase it inspires someone to give it a go. 

I fabricated a battery holder for my Braille unit last weekend. Sits in the passenger “hump” right behind where the passenger seat would sit. 

Made from 20 gauge 304SS. Made some minor measurements to get started, but used the battery as a template for most of the cuts and marking the bend seams. I don’t have metal brake, so I just used a straight-edge, various hammers (including a 2lb sledge) and locking clamps. As some of you have experienced, SS is much less pliable than mild cold-rolled steel, so it does take some elbow grease. I used a DA sander to debur the edges and get a consistent brushed finish. I’d say I did an OK job. It’s not great but it’s solid and should last forever. Only about $10 in raw materials. 


I didn’t want an 11lb projectile if I got in an accident, so I secured it to the body using tack welded nuts on the underbody, and eight 1/4” bolts to hold it down. I picked the location to keep the CG low, and as far back as possible. I considered putting her near the fuel cell, but I prefer the weight slightly in front of the rear wheel vs behind at a higher elevation. 

some of the gap you see between the battery and the holder will be padded with a thin sheet of EPDM to cushion and eliminate any rattle. 

as always, open to your thoughts and criticism! 








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35 minutes ago, grannyknot said:

I'll just play devil's advocate second, a battery in the passenger compartment is usually in a sealed container vented to the outside to prevent a build up of hydrogen gas in the cab and to prevent hydrochloric  acid from flying around the cab in case of a collision. 

hmmm, good consideration! It is an AGM battery, and designed to be mounted flat or upright. The race car has no windows at the moment so not too worried about venting. Il do some more research though! Thanks for giving me something to think about :) 

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