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I purchased them, them sold them before I installed them. They are definitely a low-cost solution. I ended up buying a pair from Ground Control for double the price.


The silvermine ones do have a bushing/bearing for the shock attachment, but they do not have a means of keeping your spring concentric with the shock. Maybe they do for the OEM doing hats? I have already sectioned my strut assembly for coilovers.


the knowledgeable and incredibly helpful people on this forum @jhm and @JMortensen helped me see those details. The silvermine units may be OK for the street? 

here is the post: 


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Agree with everything @AydinZ71 stated here.  


Question: are you considering these for use in the rear or the front, or both?  They *may* lower the rear (on a 280) by 2.5", due to the tall OEM strut isolator in the rear of later-model Zs; but 1 - 1.5" is probably closer to truth for the fronts (and any early-models that use the shorter strut isolator in the rear suspension.)  And if you're still running stock springs, you will probably need to engineer some sort of custom solution for the top spring hat....maybe using the OEM top spring perch and thrust washer?  I honestly don't know what would work, to tell the truth.  The times I have used those style camber plates, I had already converted to adjustable coilovers with 2.5" springs. 


Finally, realize that you will get the advantage of lowering the suspension with these camber plates, but you will have very little camber adjustment if you're still running the OEM springs (or any of the aftermarket "lowering" springs that have the same diameter of the stock springs.)  The spring and top perch will interfere with the walls of the strut tower if you try to adjust the camber plates by more than a degree or so.


What's the rest of your suspension setup, and what are your intended goals for the car?  Folks here might be able to steer you in the right direction if we understand what you're trying to do overall.

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