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Vors wheels (specifically TR3): opinions?

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1 hour ago, LooseRocks said:

I forgot about them.  I love their design also.  Do they have 5x114 with offsets that are suitable?

If you've done the 5-lug conversion, the world is your proverbial oyster (at least as regards wheels).  There appear to be lots of OZ wheels in 5x114.3.  It's us poor 4-lug schlubs who lack options.


Were I to have done the 5-lug conversion, I'd just order some Weld Draglites (https://www.weldwheels.com/street-strip-wheels/draglite.html) in a custom offset.  Problem solved.


Maybe this is classic paralysis-by-analysis, but here's the problem:


1. Car has been sitting for decades, and tires are completely unsafe, even for pulling out of the driveway.

2. Choice of new tires that fit, is somewhere between woefully bad and completely zero.

3. "Good" new tires would require new wheels.

4. "Good" new wheels, to have a proper selection, probably require the 5-lug conversion.

5. Ergo, just to get this [expletive] thing back on the road - I mean, just to do a vanity-lap around the block - entails a massive customization and re-engineering project, which I have neither the patience nor the resources nor the motivation to do.

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1 hour ago, clarkspeed said:

Anyone consider running Miata wheels with an an adapter plate? Seems like it would work.

Plausible and intriguing, but would the bending stresses (cantilevered load) be acceptable?


Miata 15x8 wheels are typically around 36mm offset, whereas a Z, if I'm not mistaken, would be 0 offset (4.5" backspacing on an 8" wheel... that is, 9" lip-to-lip, is 0 offset).  So that's a 36mm-thick cylindrical slab of aluminum, drilled 4x114.3 and counterbored to accept lug nuts and the head of a socket-wrench (what is it, 21 mm?) ... and then drilled and studded at 4x100, to accept the Miata wheel.


1" adaptors: https://usadapters.com/collections/4x114-3-4x4-5-wheel-adapters-wheel-spacers-4-lug-hub/products/4x4-5-4x114-3-to-4x100-usa-wheel-adapters-12x1-5-studs-1-71mm-bore-x4-spacers .  But 36mm = 1.417", so perhaps we'd need 1.5" adaptors? 


Interestingly, the same company ("USA Adapters"; correct spelling would be "Adaptors", but hopefully they're better engineers than English majors) makes 4-to-5 lug adaptors.  Is this a possibility worth considering?

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Most of the Miata wheels I have looked at are +25 offset, 15x8/9/10.  Konig Dekagram good example. Adaptitusa.com has the spacers in 1.5" which would allow a 15x8 no problem. Maybe a 9?


I've seen racers run some damn wide spacers under their wheels to get more track width so I don't see this as being that much different. Probably does add 2 or 3 lbs to the weight.

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I could be wrong, and would need to check the math, but I think all that matters is center of the wheel contact patch in relation to the ball joint for wheel rate, scrub, etc. The spacer really doesn't know it is not part of the wheel. Adding spacers does create some crazy stresses around those studs, would not want one to loosen up. I would use ARP fasteners if possible and locktite the inner hub set. 


I'm waiting on someone to poo poo on this but it seems quite feasible to me. Miatas have multiple 15x8 wheels in 12-13 lb range. Add a 3lb spacer and you still have a decent package. You could even balance them together. Is a studed BC adapter spacer less safe than a simple flat spacer? 

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Yep, can't disagree with anything that anyone has said here....and I really should have stated that spacers CAN have an effect (vs  "will" have an effect).  I was also careful to say "effective" spring rate.  @calZ picked up on that.  It's the same effect one achieves by using an adjustable sway bar...moving the mounting points can change the effective rate of the bar.


And my apologies to the OP for taking this discussion even further off-topic. 

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