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I am currently in the very early stages of a ~300hp L28ET build and am just trying to feel out what I want to put behind it. The car is 73 240z and had an L24 with an auto in it and barely ran, so I barely have any seat time in an S30. I know very little about the cars history so I am not sure if it was originally an auto car.


When I bought the car it came with, what I have detemined is a 4 speed in the trunk. So far, I havenˋt opened the rear end to figure out what gear ratio that I have.


I have been doing the research on the options, but know very liitle about the hp/tq specs of the transmissions that I am thinking of. I want the car to be a daily driver with some spirited driving here and there, maybe the odd track day. Relaibility, Longevity, and drivablility of the drivetrain would be my main concern.



  1. Rebuild the old 4 speed. I dont know much about these. Some of the info that I have read seems suggests that these can be crap when trying to put more power through them?
  2. 240sx 5 speed swap. Thinking the swap kit from Godzilla Raceworks. Trans good to 400WHP?


For each of the two options what would be a good final drive ratio or rear end setup? I know there are alot of options with a varying degree of modifications necessary. Am I more likely to blow out the ring or pinion, or a half shaft on the R180? LSD options?





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Your option 2 would be fine to 300 whp only, drags and drifting excluded, a Z32 box is fine for 400 whp, you will need a R200 diff with suitable CV axles. Plenty of LSD options, my choice would be the most expensive (as usual) a OS.Giken. 400 whp can get quite expensive for it to all hold together and take a bit of abuse.

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