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240z SCCA vintage race car, restoration

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1) tow-eye mount complete. 
2) hood bump-stops installed on rad-side of strut towers. These can be replaced with quik-latch if the hood vibrates at speed.

3) pass-through holes in rad support for oil cooler lines.


finishing touches before I can primer the front-end 










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thanks! Gosh I’m not sure how to adjust the res of the photo’s uploaded here. I can try e-mailing them to myself and uploaded from a computer instead of from my phone. The pictures themselves are huge

Hi all!   Restoring a rusted 240z series 1, SCCA vintage race car. Car last raced in 02'. Currently rebuilding to group EP spec's. I figured id start a new thread summarize my plans and prog

That is where it should go. Everyone usually mounts the cell at deck height which never made sense to me. Then you have to separate it from passenger with a big ass box or bulkhead design. Drop it dow

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