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NOS parts found - Will they fit?

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Hello All,
I recently inherited a 73 240Z in Red110 with a black interior, that was originally purchased to restore. It was filled with a lot of NOS Nissan parts from the original owner. Trim, fusebox, radios, diff parts, etc.

Anyway, I am trying to identify these diff parts that were included (still in the box). I believe I have an LSD (2 pinion) and a 37x9 Ring Gear Set (4.11?), but I am not very familiar with these types of items.  Will either or both of these fit in my stock differential?  Are they worth installing?  The part numbers I have are as follows:

LSD 38420-E4610
Pat 313151

Gear 38100-E4100

I'm not sure the 4.11 gears would be ideal for my 4-speed, but I plan on rebuilding the diff anyway, so it would be nice if the LSD fit.

Attached are some pictures, and thanks for reading 






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Welcome the forum, LSD is always a nice addition but 4:11 rear end and a 4spd will make the car great for off the line, acceleration will be terrific around town but on the Hwy your rpms will be quite high and your mileage will suck, it will be a fun car to drive though.  If you could locate a 5spd that would make the car more versatile.

Show us some of the other goodies that came with the car, gotta love NOS goodies.  

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Thanks for the welcome, and I appreciate the insight.  There is a 280zx in the junkyard nearby, maybe I'll have to do some salvaging.  Although I had a 70 240Z in high school and I loved the feel of that four speed, so I'll have to do some soul searching.


As requested, here are a few more goodies.  The first picture also shows an uninstalled BRE style (I think, but unknown brand) lip spoiler.  My most coveted prize is of course, an FM radio from a later model, which will absolutely be installed.  Enjoy







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