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A Little Disappointed in Dirty Dingo Mounts

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So I finished the process of yanking out my dead SBC and replacing it with an LS. I went with the DD mounts and the engine sits pretty far off the firewall (realistically 2-3 inches) with the brackets back all the way. I had thr JTR kit and it was difficult to fit fingers behind the engine to work. 


Has anyone else noticed this? Maybe I am missing something.


The quality of parts is great to be fair. 

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Twisted46, Go to my Post-Heavy Duty Frame Rails Feb 13.2021 to see what I did to modify the Diorty Dingo Mounts.   I wanted to set back mm LS3 close to the Firewall too.

JTR Mounts puts the LS mounts more forward than Dirty Dingo too if you don't want to fabricate a new motor plate.   Check the related photos to see if the clearance

is sufficient for your purpose.   One disadvantage of the forward mount position is you can not locate an AC compressor on lower front side of the motor.   You probably

will have to mount the compressor high on the Right motor side(near valve cover).    The other option is reinforce the frame rail and locate the LS motor mounts directly

on the LS block mounts.   That position would allow for the lower AC Compressor mounting but might interfere if you are running full length headers.   Engine Swapping is

a "Give and Take"  Proposition.

                                                                            Tool Man

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