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Honda k24 240z

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A lot has happened since the last update.  We milled down part of the transmission and clutch cover to make it work. The oil pressure was turned down on the dry sump pump and we switched to a thinner oil. 


The car was tuned on shell 93 first and made 325whp at 10psi.


The car was then tuned on pump gas with octane booster and made 387whp at 12 psi.


An e85 tune might be down the road. 


My tuner is keeping the tune very conservative. When I build the motor, he believes we can hit  430whp on pump gas. 


For comparison purposes I have included a dyno graph of a stock 2019 Audi A5. It's a 2.0 turbo that supposed to have 248bhp. You can see from the dyno chart it's putting down about 212whp.





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ah I see. so the bellhousing was limiting rearward travel. S2000 wouldn't be worth it since they don't handle the power well. Zf would be worth trying though. for someone else.  thanks for the response. I love the idea of the kswap in a datsun. all the good straight six options are so ridiculous in price. out of curiosity, did you consider the ford 2.3 ecoboost?

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