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Joe's 1972 240Z adventure

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Ok, so I bought it on eBay.  1972 Datsun 240Z Automatic.  White with red interior.


I paid more than I wanted to, but sometimes to get the one that you really want, that happens.


Original paint, no accidents, just a tad bit of rust.  Oh, and the interior is faded.  I can't decide to keep it red or go black.  I am afraid the vinyl paint will make it looks cheap and cheesy...too glossy, comments?


First order of business is tossing the sunroof and filling it in.  I will discuss my plans for that shortly :)


Anyhow, I will post the eBay pics of it, and hopefully the transporter will get it to me unscathed!








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Well, some owner before this last one, took apart some of the dash.  grrrrr!  lost the glove box door and the clock....gee thanks!


Looks like I will take the dash out to restore it and clean things up.  restore the ventilation system...up in the air over keeping this 1972 aftermarket A/C  comments?


So, not much, but I am glad to have gotten one while I still can!  I have a box full of stuff, like the radio face plate, horn button, etc.






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You may be able to make those old wheels look decent.  Way back in the 70s I bought those used for an old Toyota.  I didn't have much money and they were better than the factory wheels.  They were originally a fake wire wheel made by Appliance.  Mine had the missing baskets too.  So I shined them up with steel wool.  Then I bought Appliance centers for them.  Ended up looking unique and got lots of compliments.  So that's something you can do that won't cost much even if you are planning to change out the wheels later on.  

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3 minutes ago, A to Z said:

I just ordered the JATCO shift kit from Tim in Australia.  Thinking some lower gears in the rear may compliment that. Comments?

Maybe so, but it may cruise perfectly with what it has.  If you do change out the gears, add a limited slip too.  I think that rear end may have been used for may years in many cars.  I am thinking Subaru...  In the 280Z they made a scarab, and my recollection is that they did not need to change the rear end out even though they used (I think) a Chevy 350.  So its strong.  

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16 hours ago, A to Z said:

What do you think of 3:90's?

Really you should start with the transmission and figure out what rearend is best for it, if you don't want to do the graphs and math just look up which 280z had the 3:90 diff and that is the transmission to look for. Of course you can mate up any trans with any diff but if they are not in a range where they can work together you can end up with some strange combo's.  Years ago I dropped a Ford 302 V8/T5 trans into a TR6, (I knew nothing about gearing) first gear was totally useless, I had to start off in 2nd gear to get any use out of it.

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A couple of patch panels via a '76 280Z in Firestone Colorado, at Junkyard Jenny's.  2 sections of rocker, so I can have some curved metal if needed.  Yeah the pieces look VERY ROUGH :( , but she says they are ok, so for a couple bucks I will get them, blast them off and if needed, then I can patch a spot or 2 if needed.  Also got the bottom front 90 bend out of both door jambs.  After blasting, if they are still thick enough, then I will give them a coat of rust converter on both sides to convert any leftover rust to phosphate and it will leave a primer coating.  All Metal filler is my choice to go to, as it has metal filings in the bondo.  rocker pieces you can get, but the door jamb parts?  NOPE.







rust repair panel 1.jpg

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