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Joe's 1972 240Z adventure

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3-17-2023 UPDATE: I went ahead and painted the timing cover silver and then top coated it with clear...then worked on the head some more. I finally managed to get the valves out. They measured a 1 5/8 (42mm) on the intake and 1 3/8 (35mm) on the exhaust. Weird. So, It doesn't have 280Z intake valves....the story I was told onthis head when I bought it gets stranger and stranger. The exhaust valves ARE bigger than stock though. Well, you can see the porting done in person. I went ahead and decided to just get all new valves and and inner springs, to go with the new outer srings I had, and new keeper and retainers as well. I kept the rockers and lashpads etc. in the exact same order, so the cam will have the surfaces it is already used to. 🙂 pics:





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