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CV Axle Grease Opinions

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I'm currently in the process of rebuilding some Q45 CV axles. They were packed with some brown goop prior.


I have some heavy duty Lucas green stuff which I had used on Troy Ermish CVs a few times before. Since I probably won't be cracking these open again for a few years and they don't have grease fittings I figured I'd ask for some opinions. 


Does anyone have any recommendations on CV grease? Any insight on what works well (or doesn't hold up) would be appreciated! 


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19 hours ago, Mayolives said:

I have 944 style cv axles and a Quaife differential in my s30 road race car. It has big HP and TQ numbers. I used Valvoline Hi-Temp grease in them with no problems. I suspect most good grease brands, including the new synthetic greases will also do the job. 

Thanks. Did you use the generic Valvoline synthetic moly grease? 




After some more research it does sound like any off the shelf modern synthetic with moly would work well for CVs. 

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Thanks for the help. I ended up going with the Valvoline generic gray full synthetic. The local parts stores had maybe 6-8 options but only Valvoline and CRC were marked directly on the tube as Extreme Pressure and for use with CVs. Valvoline wasn't cheap at $20 per tube but the CRC was something like 2x the cost for the same volume. FSM for the Infinity Q45 showed 6.5-7oz per CV and each Valvoline tube was around 14oz so I sliced 2 tubes in half with a razor, half a tube for each CV. 


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