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Welding sugar scoops to fender

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I am prepping a 1976 280z for paint.  I'm assuming most people separate the sugar scoop from the fender when painting the car and paint both separately?  Is there a gasket or anything that sits between them?


Anyone have any experience or pictures where the scoop is welded to the fender?   Obviously there would be a chance to warp the metal.  But given they are tightly bolted together, curved surfaces, and it's a flanged butt joint, seems like it would be fairly resistant to warping.  Seems straightforward to jump around making a lot of tack welds, grind smooth and finish with a skim coat of filler.




But I wanted to get some opinions.  Any pictures would be great.




Thanks in advance.

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I think you’ll find that a lot of people will fill that seam for a “cleaner” look....I did it on my last Z (late-version 260).  Can’t really think of a major down-side to welding it — although it does make it a bit more unwieldy when installing and removing the assembly as a single panel. The small mounting studs on the sugar scoops often rust and break off anyway.


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I don’t think it will warp too bad… There is quite a bit of steel (albeit thin) on both the scoop and the fender mounting surface. As always, go ultra slow. I doubt you could fit the gap with just steel alone unless you make many super slow passes. If you try to fill it outright, it will warp. 

I would do a single pass, grind, and finish with filler. 

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