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Aftermarket Pedals for 72 240Z AT-->MT swap

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I also have the Tilton pedal assembly. I just finished by firewall area so I will share some pictures. This is definitely a custom install so if you are anxious about metal work, welding, cutting, etc. you might want to steer clear.


The BIG plus is the dual brake master cylinders (one for front and one for rear) which will allow you to MECHANICALLY adjust the amount of travel going to each cylinder (the assembly comes with a see-saw proportioning lever). This is a repeatable means of changing and fixing your front/rear brake bias which will not "wander" like the hydraulic proportioning valve. Since the pedal assembly ditches the brake booster, it has a longer pedal lever as well. Not quite as easy as OEM, but easier to "push" than if you removed the booster on an OEM pedal assembly.


Also, not including the additional master cylinder the Tilton assembly is 4lbs where as the OEM is 8. You would also need to mock-up a new column drop (the thing that grabs the end of the steering column) since the OEM unit came with this connection point. 


All said, don't recommend it unless you are building a track car or really care about brake performance. As a point of reference, I just sold my OEM pedal assembly for $180. The Tilton assembly is close to $400 when including 2 new master cylinders. You will need to modify the threads on your existing clutch master or get a new one with 5/16 SAE. 

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