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back from the the dead 7/78 s130 ISMA Race car build

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Hi All

It has been a while and I have been racing e36's, TA2's V8's hard. But that Datsun bug bit me again, (It helps to have one sitting in your barn the last 11 years!!!!)

Over that time there have been periods I have done several things to it, but campaigning the other cars always meant to revivals short lived. However selling after selling the Sprint race car and just having an endurance car it started to itch.

And to be fair I first went on racecarsdirect before I figured that was a stupid waste of money and knowledge. So without too much fuzz... She is back.


Here is a link to the original thread:

I think it is a blessing in disguise that I haven’t finished it sooner, racing from 10 years means you learn allot on what is smart and what is not.

And over the years allot of 'spares' have found their way to the chassis, like a Tilton pedal box, fuel cell etc etc

And times change so supplies do to, there a solution for the rear control arms by these guys  https://www.apexengineered.com/

So ill put in my order for a front and rear subframe for the car.


Here are some pictures of the body as it sits now:


First it has been blasted




Then powder coated





Saturday ill start with mounting some small stuff like the pedal box.


For an engine it will run an L28 with forged internals, kameari chain drive, isky cam, worked head, race oil pan and probably ITBS over the set of Dellortos i still have. 

I might go dry sump but that has pros and cons, the con is it ads weight.



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