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Anyone heard of Southeast Air Control AC Systems


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My 1980 was purchased new by my uncle, and has been in my possession for just over two years. Car was a base model car, not originally equipped with AC. Uncle paid the dealership to have AC added. Initially I assumed the AC was using all factory components, but I noticed the hose routing differed from the FSM. In the folder of paperwork, there is a warranty card, with the name Southeast Air Control, Inc. Car had 340 miles on it when it was installed.

I'm in the process of determining what if anything is wrong with it. Compressor is not locked up, and I get a light hiss when pressing the schrader valves on both the high and low side.

There is no relay plugged into the factory location, but now I'm not sure if this kit would have used the factory relay location.

Turning on the AC should just be move the directional selector all the way to the vent position (I have a label that says "A/C", and you can see "Vent" at night shining through the tape when the dash lights are on).






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