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Weld the roof back on

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You can weld the skin. Just drill out all the spot welds and remove the old roof, weld the new skin in its place.

Another option is to cut through the pillars and weld back together. There are differences in the 240 and 280 chassis. Not sure what if anything is different about the pillars. Should be dimensionally the same as the hatches, doors (some lock issues but size and shape the same), quarter windows, and windshields swap. 

I have a friend who built his roll cage this way, cut the pillars, did the cage, welded the roof back on. A lot of people were poo-pooing this at the time, but I think if I were doing another cage that might be a good way to go. Probably want to stay away from the leaded joints so that you don't make a mess, or melt it all out with a torch and deal with it.


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