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ISOCYANATES! BAD BAD to breathe, this aserosol has it, read and heed

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SPRAY MAX 2K Gloss Clear....****DO NOT USE THIS!!! IT HAS ISOCYANATES IT IN, IT IS VERY POISIOUS, IF YOU BREATHE IT, IT CAN KILL YOU. **** I used it today and it screwed me up a tad even just a hour maybe 2 with a mask on (dental mask). VERY bad stuff. Please read and heed.


It is the same as some of the professional body work and paint stuff.  Those guys wear respirators to protect them.  A shade tree guy can try to use it like KRYLON and hurt themselves BAD.  Please avoid this and stay away from paint with Isocyanates in it.   Like I said, just a tad exposure and I can feel it. :(

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Absolutely agree Isocyanurate is toxic, but it is in almost every 2-component epoxy and urethane I have ever worked with. Spray Max is just 2-component in a can, and a plunger to release the hardener.

3M respirator with the right carbon scrubber canisters should do just fine with these chemicals. These respirators aren’t very expensive. I don’t spray any sort of paint or coating without wearing a respirator though, and I encourage everyone else to do the same. Even spray-on enamel has chemicals that will cause long-term harm if breathed in often.

Isocyanurate is also toxic to the skin and eyes, so I only brush it on inside my garage. I do any spraying in my driveway. 

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9 hours ago, A to Z said:

Thanks.  Yeah, real scare.  I purchased a 3M P100 respirator at Lowe's today.

hmmm, is it OV/P100 or just P100? The P100 filters alone look like little saucers and are insufficient for organic volatiles. If it looks like a “canister”, 1.5” thick or so, then it’s the right filter. There is a little fold-out that comes with the canister describing the precise chemicals it protects against.


if you can “smell” VOC’s, the respirator is not working. 

the regular p100 particulate filter is used for particulates (grinding) and vaporized metals from welding. I regularly switch between two masks, with the two different filter elements I need. 

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