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1983 280zx Engine in a 1980 280zx questions

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Hey everybody as you can read from the title i have just swapped an 83 engine into an 80 body, someone had previously sold the engine and i could only find the 83 ecu engine and harness so i decided to put that in it.


Now for the questions,


Currently i have the 83 automatic ecu in the car, i have a manual transmission in the 80 body (dont think is a problem) and have no idea where the power wire for the ecu comes from, currently i have two sub harnesses hanging over the passenger fender (one from the 80 and one from the 83) and i dont know which wires to join or cut or what not. I read previously that it is basically the same harness and such but i have absolutely no clue where the ecu gets power from. I have read diagrams saying it runs from the battery to an inline then right to the ecu, if someone can give me a color coded diagram or give any insight thatd be great! 

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