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Exact size of the intake barbed fitting for a 78 Z fuel pump?


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Sorry for having to ask what should be a simple enough question to answer myself, but the more I researched the more conflicting information I've run across. I can't drive my Z back home until I get this part, and it's overstayed it's welcome.


I need to find out the correct barbed fitting size for the intake side of a stock 78 280Z fuel pump, so I can buy the correct m18x1.5 x ?? size fitting for this universal pump.

I'm not even sure if I need the part or not because I don't have access to the car ATM without driving a 60 miles trip, and I'm not sure if the pump I put on there 6 years ago uses a universal fitting or not, so before I make another trip out there I need to get the fitting just in case. If I had immediate access to the car I wouldn't be asking, I know some people get upset over "stupid questions" so sorry about that.


I just kept finding different answers to similar questions about the hose ID or fitting size, from 3/8", 7/16", 10mm. They are all similar answers from forums I searched so I'm hoping someone knows for sure exactly what the stock size is supposed to be for the fuel pump intake barbed fitting, the universal fuel pump I bought didn't come with any intake fitting.


I also read that the fitting was oversized, and that some have asymmetrical hoses with one side bigger than the other? My best guess would be 7/16, but if it's actually 10mm which would make sense then I want to get that.


I've uploaded a picture of a similar pump with the kind of fitting I'm trying to size installed, I just need to know for sure what size barb to get. Thanks for the help.



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The only sizes I'm finding on ebay for this size fitting are 1/2" and 3/8", 10mm, and 12mm but no 7/16" so far. From what I can find the inlet has to be 7/16", thats what the fuel hose ID is from the tank to the pump.


I guess 12mm is closer to 7/16(11.11mm) than 1/2(12.7mm). I guess that will work?



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