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Feasibility of bonding carbon roof over sheet metal to hide sunroof hole

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I am one of the lucky ones who ended up with a 1972 240Z that received a large sunroof early in it's life.


There are definitely positives to it....cross flow ventilation, but it does screw up the lines a tad.


Well the other day I was looking at carbon fiber roofs,and the thought came to me, what if the carbon fiber roof was neatly trimmed around the edges and bonded on, thereby hiding the hole, and then clear coating the cabon fiber? On the inside it would be just replace the headliner center portion.



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Had the same sunroof on my 70 240Z. I have already cut out the majority of the old roof and I'm getting ready for final trim. The Industry Garage roof is sitting waiting to be installed.


Been back and forth with Tim there about the best method to install. Those guys install the roof a couple of different ways on their YouTube channel.


Either way its a top quality product that I'm very impressed with so far.







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wow, you made your own roof!  You are way beyond my capabilities.


I bought a roof off of a Z.  The plan is to heat up and rempve the lead, drill out the spot welds and just replace the skin.


Do it once, do it right.....fire and forget. :)

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