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Modern brake system for 15 inch wheels

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Waiting for my basecoat to cure before I can hit the clear, so I decided to re-do the last post on this topic I made which I screwed up (by using quotes in the title).


So what are your thoughts on what brake system (front & back) you would be looking at for a 15" wheel and OEM hubs. Considerations are:


1) Value - front and back must be under $2500

2) Replacement and performance (racing compound) pads

3) Quality

4) Weight & inertia 


I must keep the OEM sized components for E-production, but Id like to consider larger capacity brakes for then I run Vintage with the 3.1L I am building. I have a Tilton pedal assembly with a remote proportioning valve that mechanically adjust the leverage to separate/dedicated front/rear MC's. 


Number-one on my list at this time is the Arizona-Z system. Looks like a very lightweight system, although I will ask him for a weight soon enough. 


I know Silvermine, Z-car Garage, MSA, T3 (and more) all have systems offered. 



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