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Daily limit on "Reactions"?


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Hey all,

This question is mainly directed at the Site Admins, but open to anyone that may be able to help.  Seems like there's a preset daily limit on the number of "Reactions" that a user can apply to other users' posts -- and that limit seems to be one (1) per day.  I'm referring to the small heart-shaped icon in the lower right of a post, which allows other users to click a "Reaction", such as "Like", "Thanks", "Confused", etc, etc.  Am I the only one that's experiencing this daily limitation on Reactions?  Has anyone else noticed this?  I can't understand why there would be such any limit at all, much less such a constraining limit as once/day.  If this is something easily fixable, maybe one of our Admins (or Moderators, if they have that capability) could look into changing it in the internal workings of the website structure?  Thanks in advance.


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