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Progressive Throttle Shaft Cams

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Something in from Australia! A progressive cam for the overhead bar and my ITB. It would also work with triples.
Basically it increases pedal modulation, so this gives you more pedal movement with less throttle blade movement. Should help with street driving and my throttles trying to take huge gulps of air with a tiny amount of pedal travel.
Weber kc332
Since posting, I know a few people are working on their own version.  I dropped it off this am to get machined to 10mm.  




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Seriously though, to the person posting the bot stuff - what are you learning?  It is a fun game, but do you get paid if you fool people?



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A new AI bot!  Welcome?


What kind of car do you have?  Tell us about it.  @hellersavana




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18 hours ago, HowlerMonkey said:

We took them off of Porsche 944s in the 80s and replaced them with linear.


I would think getting small opening at first would only be a benefit with a gigantic throttle body.

How about 6 gigantic throttle bodies:) EFI hardware does progressive stock and even does a lower angle on their butterflies to help with the same issue.  

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