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Modifying tank baffling


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I picked up a spare tank for my 260 that I need to cut open to strip out a misapplied POR15 liner. I'm thinking about remaking the bottom of it instead of stripping it since its essentially a box with some dents for the straps. Does anyone have any recommendations on the baffling? I am planning on putting a Tanks Inc or Phantom in tank EFI pump on the low side under the spare tire well. A surge tank will be under the car somewhere. I'm not looking to go with a fuel cell.


A quick search of the web found me this. I am imagining the small box would be located in the position I described above.



Would this be enough? And do the baffles really need to extend to the top of the tank (minus a tiny gap)?

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Another option since you're planning on running a surge tank would be the FiTech Force Fuel Systems 50006. It's a mini surge tank with a built in fuel pump. I also have a 260z so I can confirm it fits where the OEM external fuel pump resides, though I've only held it in place as of yet. You'll have to make custom brackets to mount it and use a low pressure electric pump to feed it. With the return line plumbed to it and a branch going back to the tank, it won't run dry and you won't need to worry about an in-tank baffle system. 

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Thanks for the info! I am using the in tank unit mainly just to keep the noise down from the pump. Since it will be split open, i was just going to add some baffles because why not. All the plans I've seen look like a one way marble trap. I'll take a look at the FiTech. Can that be mounted sideways? That would be helpful but I've never seen a surge tank be side mount capable.

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It needs to be mounted vertical, but the overall height is less than the 260z external pump + filter. You can't mount one sideways unless the product is designed for it with alternative locations for the overflow line to enter so air can purge. I'm going to run a clear plastic low pressure fuel filter(like oem) before the LP fuel pump then a 10 micron post surge tank. It's definitely going to be a bit of a rats nest even though I attempted to minimize fittings and I'm using radium swivel banjo fittings to reduce the line loops. 

I'm hoping it's not too loud, being inside the rather thick surge tank should help.

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