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S30 & S130 LHD Blower Fan upgrades


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Long time no post for me, but here goes.


The old 90s civic blower fan upgrade is quickly becoming obsolete. The motors are available, but usually without fan and lets face it, many of the yards dont stock 80s and 90s cars so much anymore. So I went on the hunt, after once again reading the social media and internets myths regarding what will work.


It turns out KIA was a usable option with easy mods. I spent 2 days hunting through the wrecking yards in the Sacramento area searching for suitable blower motors. I hope this is helpful to you guys here.


S130, 280zx

07-09 Kia Sorento 6"(not the 5-7/8"). You will need to dremel the plastic housing for it to fit your box opening Approx 1/8". The plug will line up, however the polarity is reversed at the plug. The fan is the correct direction, so just swap your stock pins in the connector and plug in. One major note, the fan is about 1/4 shorter than the original, and you will want to make shift a spacer or 3d print a spacer and glue it in. I used double stick tape for now.

The fan mount holes are not the same diameter, so you will have to slot those out to the end to reuse the fasteners from your car. The second major note, the case also has the fan motor cooling port orientated so that it will bolt into the s130 blower box without the need to remove the fan duct!eyJidWNrZXQiOiJ5dC1wcm9kLW1lZGlhLWFzc2V0cyIsImtleSI6IjIwMjIvaXRlbS9pbWFnZS9CTS9VU0JNMDAyNjhEL1VTQk0w-pZHRoIjoxNjAwLCJoZWlnaHQiOjE2MDAsImZpdCI6ImNvbnRhaW4ifX19.jpeg.21b090f1173449e10ff697bd9c835ed8.jpeg





03-06 KIA Sorento, Similar install to the 90s civic, dremel the opening for fitment. Fan fits nearly perfect. No need to slot the holes, it lines up perfect. Its the correct depth and rotation. Grab the pigtail for early s30 models. Its been some time since I messed with late model S30(i.e. 280z), but the plug may or may not be the same, and itll be up to the installer to determine polarity at the connector so it spins the correct direction.


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S130 install


Dremel the housing



Make sure the blower fan ledge seats into the blower box.

Next you are going to want to slot the blower fan mounting holes to match the s130 box pattern.




You will see a gap between the fan and the top of the fan seat. It will work this way, but it will be more efficient if you take this gap up. You will see the original fan has a much smaller gap. I made a temporary funnel for it for my car, but Im working on a 3d printed insert that will be available eventually. If you want maximum efficiency you will want to take steps to close that gap.





reinstall your original screws with washers. Retain the wire tie strap.



next you need to swap polarity as the connector is wired backwards. A T pin or the correct pin tool is needed here. Dont destroy your pins. Replace pins that are heat damaged!



Here is stock above.

Here is swapped below so the fan will turn the correct direction.



There is no retainer for the fan blower fuse any longer. You can choose to strap it, zip tie it, or drill a couple holes to remount it to the box itself. I left it underneath tucked away like so.





Reinstall your box with fresh seals and enjoy!


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