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Adding a turbo to L28 easy?


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Ok, so answer is yes... sort of. Stock injectors will do 275hp when fuel pressure is cranked to 80psi. Stock computer is crap but you can fiddle with the AFM spring to make it work. Ignition timing will be wonky due to vacuum advance seeing boost, but a check valve can be used to kinda mitigate this. Would be better with L28et components, but can be ghetto rigged on normal L28e. 

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Since its a 'draw through' AFM, its just seeing the suck side of the turbo. 


I added a small turbo to a L28, only tuning was a rising rate fuel pressure regulator. I didn't adjust the timing, didn't have a A/F gauge, no interecooler, stock injectors. I didn't know what I was doing. I ended up blowing a head gasket first. After I replaced the gasket, I ended up breaking a few piston ring lands. 


This was in a time before there were so many choices in programmable EFI.

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