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Electrical problem 260Z 75 mod.

Geir Wensberg

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Hello. I need help. I have an electrical issue on my restored 260Z 2+2. 1975 mod. I have installed a used complete electrical wiring after restoring my Z. The problem is that both near and long lights are lightening up when I turn the lights on. Parking light is ok. The blue lamp in the speedometer is on in both positions (near and long) but not so strong in one of the positions. all other electrical units ar working perfect. Any advice?



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The headlight low and high beams are controlled on the ground end of the circuits.  Sounds like you have a short circuit to ground on the high beam circuit.  That would also cause the high beam indicator to glow.  Both circuits get power as soon as you turn on the headlight switch.  The switch at the base of the turn signal stalk determines which circuit, low or high beam (short or long), gets grounded.



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