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well, i did what i didn't want to do. i erased the program that used to work pretty good. I have tec 2, (i think) version 1.16 the car runs really bad now, wizard program. can anyone help me with a program that works for them.


i have a 83 zx turbo, front mount, 450cc inj, and a larger turbo. but i will take anything, to see what someone does with timing and some different parameters. very new to this. but is very exciting... this stuff you can change is great!


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Derek, You can give me a call and I can walk you through some basics. I can also try to dig up and old program when I used the 440cc with a 60-1 and large front mount. For now, here is a timing curve. You may not want to ramp out the timing so fast, but that is a tradeoff with timing/fuel in the 95-120kpa region. Also, 26deg at 18psi might be a bit much, but if you have a jumbo front mount you may be able to get away with it. Remember, this is only a reference and you need to listen for ping/detonation. I am not responsible for your setup if you use this!


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