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SK, Weber parts interchangeability?

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Hey all, I might be buying a set of 45mm SK carbs, bought in Japan. Seems they were only

available in the states for a few years. Just wondered if anyone had any direct knowledge as

to whether or not Weber pilot, main, air jets, emulsion tubes, etc. drop in, as I don't think SK

parts are readily available.



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Hey Dan, I just replied to your post in the Datusn L6 section, LOL. I'll repost it here also.


The following SK Carb parts are interchangable with the Weber DCOE carbs:

Main jets

Air correctors

Idle jets

Emulsion tubes

Pump exhaust valves

Pump rod, spring and piston

Auxiliary venturis (45 DCOE only)


The following are interchangable with Mikuni PHH late model carbs:

Pump jets (Mikuni calls these pump nozzles)


Needle Valves

Fuel Union Banjos (I think Mikuni calls these Fuel Pipe Assy)


Hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.



'72 240Z

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