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Holley 600DP too lean

Guest kc6wfs

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Hello all,

On my holley I have rejetted it and my Haltec AF meter shows it's lean

only at crising on the fry. It's not even 1/4 throttle.

Do I need to change the "Cam" on the carb to have it squirt sooner?


It's the only time it's lean.

My plugs are white with a trace of red.


Any ideas??


Tim 240Z saw it.





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The comments above are on the money. The change in pump cam is only necessary if the engine stumbles when the carb is opened full bore from idle or low cruise. If it is accelerating cleanly, then you are getting the correct 'squirt'.

BTW...the ideal way to get a good plug read is to cruise at highway speed as usual then cut the engine before you start having to idle and 'stop start' driving. Obviously this is difficult unless you have a race track to use, but like I said "ideal". This way you get an accurate plug color from the main cxarb circuts and not the idle circut, which may be rich enough to give you a 'false read'.

Also, while you're at it (don't you just love that phrase...always means lots more work), you may want to consider ducting some cool air to your air cleaner, I remember how much under hood heat your Z generates! twak.gif2thumbs.gif


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Guest Anonymous

If you do put a fresh air system, you'll want to check jetting again, mine has a rediculously large roundy round (5" tall, it seemed like a good idea at the time :rolleyes: ) air cleaner going through the hood with a cowl scoop and I think since I went to that, the car needs to be rejetted, I've yet to really sort it out due to an electrical problem. Also I know that outside temps and stuff play a major role, mine feels way way faster on a cool morning thats for sure. Good luck with it Dave.





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Hay guys,


Well just poped the hood and pulled the primaries. I had 66H's in there.

I know I jetted this origionaly, and came up with that some how.

Now I have 70 's in there. Think I have 76's in the snd'aries.

It feels pepier(sp). I have not played with it on the street yet. Had a MGD while playing. hehe.

But i did notice a bad stumble at 4000RPM. (WTF!!!)

Hell. The rev limiter has been on for MONTHS!!!!!!!!!

I set it one day when the WIFE smile.gif wanted to go and drive it.


Not too often I drive it during the winter time. hehhe


OK question for you HIGH-TECH guys. Will it, with being set at 4K start stumbling at 3K?


I would think not. It's a Crane FireBall HI-6 with a TCI coil.

I reset it for 6k and now no stumble but that was after rejetting also.

Should I get the Crane brand coil???


Any how that's what I did today..

Tomarrow I have to change out the trans pan. I installed a drain plug and it got taken out my a speed bump. boooooooo.





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