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there fairly better prices than most companies out there thats where i found and bought my Neo Rb25 for the cheapest price and cheapest transmission too but buying the full swap is the best price. $2500 for Neo Rb25 & 5 speed RWD transmission for my 280zx.

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So if I were to do an engine swap with an RB25 or SR20, what in all would I have to look into buying/putting in. I really want to get either a 240Z or Miata and stick one of these in, but I have no idea the process that it takes to stick it in. At first I was under the impression you could just stick it in and get it working. Do all of these come with injectors, manifolds, gaskets, oil pans, working transmissions, clutches, master/slave cylinders, etc? It looks as tough most of them do, but it seems like they wouldn't have all these parts available to buy unless you had to for it to be a completed swap.


Also, in either the Z or the Miata, would I have to buy new engine mounts or wires to fit them as well?

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The 200zr oil pan, oil pickup and o-ring and the mounts are all available from http://www.nismoparts.com here are the part numbers for what you need:


Oil Pan/Parts

11110-20P00 RB20DET Oil Pan (Rear Sump)

15050-20P03 RB20DET Oil Pickup

15059-V5001 RB20DET Oil Pickup O-Ring

11232-41L00 Z31 Right Hand Side Motor Mount

11233-41L00 Z31 Left Hand Side Motor Mount

11220-01L10 Motor Mount Insulators

I know this is old but the website still shows these to be available but when I go to check out my browser warns me that the site is untrusted. Have any of you ordered from here before?

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