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Old IMSA Z flare / body kit

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Hi, I need the big wide body kit.

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Guest jinsei888
those flares are part of a body kit. Kit was called Primadona Z(if i remember correctly) I think there was only like (3?) of these kits made. Racer X should be able to tell you more about the kit



The primadona is a one of a kind kit that was custom made by Jack over here in California, Bay area. He is the self fabricator and has the original molds for it, but never sold the molds or body...one of a kind in the world

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I was looking through all of these pics and was wondering if anyone has a picture of a 240z running the YZ flares in the rear and still keeping the 240z bumper? From the looks of the yz flares, it looks like you cant keep the rear bumper (im hoping im wrong). If it takes modification of the rear bumper, has anyone done this?

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