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Complete Differential List (need help)

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R190' date=' Long Nose 240Z 432R

Ratios 3.90

two pinion clutch LSD


R190, Long Nose Nissan Motorsports

Any Ratio

four pinion clutch LSD


R200 long nose, 280Z, 280ZX, 300ZX

Ratios 3.36, 3.545, 3.70, 3.90

LSD April 1987 and newer turbo



Nissan Motorsports: R190 any ratio and four pinion clutch LSD.

Nissan 240Z 432R: R190 3.90 with two pinion clutch LSD.


Nissan Fairlady Z432 ( PS30 ) and Fairlady Z432-R ( PS30-SB ) from 1969 to 1972 came with the 'R192' in 4.44 ratio and 2-pinion clutch LSD.


Same diff ( with different rear cover ) was also fitted to the PGC10 and KPGC10 Skyline GT-R in the same period.


'R192' was exactly the same as the 'R190' offered by Nissan Motorsports in the USA' date=' but was 2-pinion instead of 4.

A 4-pinion version was available as a 'Sports Option' part in Japan, in ratios of 4.625, 4.875 & 5.125, but it was [i']still[/i] called 'R192'.


1973 Z432 and Z432-R models came with the R200 in 4.375 ratio, and a 4-pinion clutch LSD. This was also fitted to the KPGC110 Skyline GT-R. Again, 'Sports Option' ratios were available - this time 3.7, 3.9, 4.1, 4.375, 4.625, 4.875 and 5.143:1.


Alan T.

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I believe the R200 3.545 is 39 ring teeth, 11 pinion teeth -> 39/11=3.5454 (repeating digits)


For the R230 to be 3.538, my guess is thats 46 ring teeth, 13 pinion teeth -> 46/13=3.538461 (repeating last 6 digits)


2 more pinion teeth for nearly the same ratio helps with strength, I'd suppose!


Jim Biondo used to brag a bit about the 3.15:1 set he had in his V8 260Z's R200, saying it had more pinion teeth, so it was stronger because of that. Of course, it's probably more than the number of teeth, but the size and geometry of them. I'm guessing the 3.15:1 R200 set is 41 ring teeth, 13 pinion teeth -> 41/13= 3.153846 (repeating last 6 digits). If that's true, that's 2 more pinion teeth than the 3.545 R200, but the teeth are probably similar is size. The R230 teeth I'd suppose are larger (larger pinion diameter?).


Any way you look at it that R230 is a pretty durable gear setup. I guess the only thing to look out for is wearing out the viscous coupling?


I think those of us with the 3.700:1 (37 ring teeth, 10 pinion teeth) probably have PINION ENVY. :flamedevi

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There is something to be said for a large pinion head. I used to see quite a bit more breakage out of the low gearsets than the high gearsets when I was selling diff parts. Thing is on Z diffs you don't hear of people shearing teeth off the pinion too much. Every once in a great while, but for the most part it seems like the pinion gear isn't really the issue.


The lower the gear ratio the smaller the pinion head and the thicker the ring gear is. It gets to a point with some of these ratios where the pinion head is ridiculously small. We had a 7.33:1 R&P for a Ford 9" at the place I worked for. That is ridiculous. I think if you have the 3.54 vs the 3.538461, they both have basically the same SIZE head IIRC (in comparison to the ring gear diameter), but one has smaller finer cut teeth than the other. I wonder if it really is stronger with the smaller teeth though, Nissan may be doing that more for noise reduction.

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Also with regards to the R230 nobody has really brought up the crush sleeve as a potential weak point. I know that was considered a weak point by the 9" and Toyota people, and I used to sell lots of solid spacer kits to replace the sleeves especially for drag racers. Haven't been following all of the R230 threads, but I was pretty surprised when I saw one a while back that said it had a crush sleeve. You 230 guys doing anything about that?

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I believe the R200 3.545 is 39 ring teeth' date=' 11 pinion teeth -> 39/11=3.5454 (repeating digits)


For the R230 to be 3.538, my guess is thats 46 ring teeth, 13 pinion teeth -> 46/13=3.538461 (repeating last 6 digits)[/quote']



I'm not sure if this is in response to my reply or not, but I'm speaking of the R200V out of the Q45. Its a 3.538 (often rounded up to 3.54)

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My usually trustworthy machine shop guy just called to say that he had damaged one of the carrier bearings while trying to swap them to my new LSD unit.


Are all r200 ring gear carrier bearings the same? If they are not, does anyone have a part number?


My r200 is a 10mm bolt unit. No idea what year it was from because it was sitting in the passenger side footwell of my '73 when I got it. And does changing the bearings mean that I will need alternate shim thicknesses?


Thanks in advance for the help.

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The M30 diff is a long nose R200 with an ABS sensor in the snout. It has a 47/12 gear set and 4 pinion gears. pretty beefy.


the J30 is a short nose R200 (also 47/12) with a viscous coupling LSD unit. it comes in 5 bolt and 6 bolt (3 groups of 2) flavors. some have the ABS sensor in the snout, some have them on the halfshafts. these are usually good canidates if you are looking for an R200 viscous, because they havent all been beat to ****. no one drifts a 4 door luxo liner, lol!

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Guest 260zero

What type of rearend would be in a 81 280zx turbo. Is also an automatic car ?

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I'm looking for better tow performance with my Armada.

would the ring and pinion from a 300ZX TT R230 fit on the Armad R230?

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DANA 36 vs DANA 44


The C-4 Dana 36 was the only axle available in 1984 Corvettes. In 1985, Chevrolet brought out the Dana 44 which was similar to the 80-82 Corvette axle, but not interchangeable. The Dana 44 axle is considerably stronger, but not indestructible. The Dana 36 and the Dana 44 (44's in some autos and all manuals) axles were used through 1996.


The Dana 44 is much larger than the D36. The 44 has a larger, "beefier" carrier/components to handle larger (lower) ring and pinions, and increased torque. NOTICE THE LOCATION OF THE TOP CENTER BOLT HOLE ON THE DANA 36 THATS NOT ON THE DANA 44 REAR, thats a QUICK WAY TO TELL THEM APART


603967 GM 44 REAR 1980 CORVETTE

605172 GM 36 REAR 1984 CORVETTE

605180 GM 36 REAR 1984 CORVETTE

605220 GM 44 REAR 1985-87 CORVETTE

605239 GM 36 REAR 1984-86 CORVETTE

605260 GM 36 REAR 1985-87 CORVETTE

605321 GM 36 REAR 1988-90 CORVETTE

605322 GM 44 REAR 1989 1/2-90 CORVETTE

605365 GM 44 REAR 1988-89 CORVETTE

605417 GM 44 REAR 1990-90 1/2 CORVETTE

605490 GM 36 REAR 1990 1/2-96 1/2 CORVETTE

605491 GM 44 REAR 1990-96 1/2 CORVETTE

605492 GM 44 REAR 1990 1/2 CORVETTE



Look at the size difference, especially at the case above the yokes:



Dana 36



Dana 44


And visit




Who were kind enough to supply the pics...



heres more info on rears







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Guest turboICE

Having looked everywhere, this site seems to have the most knowledgable R200 people around.


I am trying to identify a 3.538 R&P that fits the 89-90 240SX open diff (4 mounting bolts on cover, 6 bolt output shafts). I am not sure of the brand, but it already has an aftermarket LSD in it and a 4.63 R&P. The cover is stamped 4.62 LSD but I think that only a 4.63 fits it.


Any help identifying an existing OEM model R&P at or very near the 3.538 ratio would be appreciated.

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Guest ModToad

Look for a 84-86 Turbo Z31 300zx R&P


3.54:1 open, should be a 12mm R200 - although it may be the earlier 10mm.


The 87-88 200sx SE (the V6 model) was for sure the 12mm R200 (both long snout) was a 3.70:1


Those are the only OEM ones I can think of.

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I just got a diff from a guy who said it was out of a "late model" GT-R. he didnt know what year and i was wondering of you guys could help figure it out. it is a clutch type LSD but it has 4.375 ratio (35 toothed ring, 8 tooth pinion) the closest thing that was posted earlier was:


" R200V Short nose rear of a R32 GTR skyline, 5 bolt output

Ratio 4.36

LSD clutch type"


but as you can see in the pics it looks like a long nose. am i mistaken and this is what the diff came out of??

GTR LSD1_thumb.jpg

GTR LSD2_thumb.jpg

GTR LSD3_thumb.jpg

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I just swapped a R200 longnose 3.54 (39:11) for a R200 longnose 4.11 (37:9). The 3.54 was from a Z31 and the 4.11 from a JDM R30 Skyline.


I also have a R200 3.9 from a JDM C31 Laurel (L20ET/Auto) again longnose. I am sure that as visit to a local pick-a-part will find more R200 longnose with different ratios from the many JDM Nissan Sedans/Coupes from the late 80's like the two listed above.

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From the site http://zhome.com/


Z Car Transmission & Rear End Gearing


Contributed By: the Members of the IZCC

Produced by: Carl Beck IZCC #260

Special Thanks to: Steve Golik-IZCC #356, Tom Bell-IZCC #2802 & Ross Corrigan-IZCC # 255


The Purpose of this page is to give you a quick reference listing of the gear ratios used in the various models of the Z Car. We will try to include both transmission and rear end gear ratios FYI.


As of 12 Mar. 2000 -cjb



Standard Differentials & Rear Gear Ratio's

This is the list that we came up with, after discussion on the Z Car List, and review by the subscribers there.

Standard Rear End's as Delivered From The Factory 1969-1989 :


240Z 70-73 MT (3.364) (R180)

240Z 70-73 MT 5spd. (3.900) (R180) - non US

240Z 71-73 Auto (3.545) (R180)

260Z 74 MT (3.364) (R180)

260Z 74 Auto (3.545) (R180)

280Z 75-76 (3.545) (R200)

280Z 77-78 MT (3.545) (R200)

280Z 77-78 Auto (3.545) (R180)


280ZX 79 MT,4 Spd,2 Seater (3.364) (R180)

280ZX 79 MT,5 Spd,2 Seater (3.364) (R180)

280ZX 79 All With Automatic(3.545) (R180)

280ZX 79 MT,4 Spd,4 Seater (3.364) (R200)

280ZX 79 MT,5 Spd,4 Seater (3.7) (R200)

280ZX-GL 79 (3.7) (R200)

280ZX 80 MT,2 Seater (3.545) (R180)

280ZX 80 Automatic 2/4Seat (3.545) (R180)

280ZX 80 MT,4 Seater (3.9) (R200)

280ZX-GL 80 (3.9) (R200)

280ZX 81-83 Automatic all (3.545) (R180)

280ZX 81-83 Turbo - all (3.545) (R200)

280ZX 81-83 MT (3.9) (R200)


- - - - 300ZX's - - - - - -- -


300ZX 84-86 MT and A/T (3.7) (R200)

300ZX 84-86 Turbo MT and A/T (3.54) (R200)

300ZX 87-89 MT and A/T (3.9 ) (R200)

300ZX 87-89 MT and A/T (3.9 ) (R200)

300ZX 87-89 Turbo MT and A/T (3.7 ) (R200)

Note Turbos:

#1) after 4/87 only-(3.7 Clutch Type LSD)

2) 88 All White SS used a 3.7 Viscous Coupling LSD)

3) LSD Unites Came With Finned Rear Covers


Additional Comments: a) Viscous Coupling LSD requires special splined half shafts - B) 84-87 R200's can be used in earlier cars, but require modifications they are not direct bolt in swapable to 240/260/280Z/280ZX's c) 84-89 R200's used a 12mm bolt in the ring gear - earlier R200 used a 10mm bolt in the ring gear, so you can not swap Gear Sets with the older R200's



Standard Transmissions & Gear Ratio's

1970 through 1971 Factory Four/Five Speed Transmission Ratios

70/71 three piece case


U.S. Non-U.S.

F4W71A FS5C71A

1. 3.549 2.957

2. 2.197 1.858

3. 1.420 1.311

4. 1.000 1.000

5. n/a 0.852


RearGear 3.364 3.900


1972 through 1976 Factory Four/Five Speed Transmission Ratios

72/76 two piece case


U.S. Non-US

F4W71B FS5C71B

1. 3.592 2.906

2. 2.246 1.902

3. 1.415 1.308

4. 1.000 1.000

5 n/a 0.864


RearGear 3.36 3.900 (72 thru 76)



1977 through 1983 Factory Four/Five Speed Transmission Ratios Note: Ratios in 4spd.'s are the same as 5spd.'s For 1st-4th gears.

77-79 1980 81-83 Borg Warner T-5 {Turbo Only]


1 3.321 3.062 3.062 3.500

2 2.077 1.858 1.858 2.144

3 1.308 1.308 1.308 1.375

4 1.000 1.000 1.000 1.000

5 0.864 0.773 0.745 0.780


1984 Through 1989 Factory Five Speed and Auto Trans.


T5 Nissan FS5w71c auto auto

turbo turbo non-turbo non-turbo turbo

84-86 87-89 84-89 87-89 87-89


1 3.350 3.324 3.321 2.458

2 2.056 2.077 1.902 1.458

3 1.376 1.360 1.308 1.000

4 1.000 1.000 1.000

5 0.752 0.711 0.759

R 3.153 3.382 3.636 2.400


Special Note#1There was a 5 speed 720 truck('79-'85)transmission that will bolt into an L-6 car, that also has "lower" gearing. However, there were two other sets of different gear ratios available, depending on the truck model:


#1 #2 #3

1 3.592 3.321 3.592

2 2.246 2.077 2.057

3 1.415 1.308 1.361

4 1.000 1.000 1.000

5 0.813 0.833 0.813



Factory Competition Transmissions 77 - 83

There were Factory Competition 5-Speeds available through NISSAN Competiton Dept. There were two overdrive Transmissions, and four with the direct drive (1:1 in fifth gear)


#1 #2 #3 #4 #5

32010-N3130 2.906 1.902 1.308 1.000 0.864 (close ratio)

32010-N3030 3.321 2.077 1.308 1.000 0.864 (wide ratio)

32010-N3220 2.818 1.973 1.470 1.192 1.000

32010-N3221 2.348 1.601 1.296 1.138 1.000

32010-N3222 2.192 1.601 1.470 1.138 1.000

32010_N3201 3.321 2.270 1.601 1.240 1.000 (rally transmissions)


Notes: The overdrive (FS5C71B) and direct drive (F5C71B) transmissions utilize the Servo-type (steel) snycro mechanism. For a complete parts breakdown of the listed overdrive and direct drive transmissions see the Nissan Motorsports Schematic catalog (99996-M8015). The shift kit (99996-E3030) is required when installing any of the listed transmissions into 240Z's built up to 8/71.

FS5C71A Conversions:

These parts will allow the FS5C71A 5-spd transmission from the Datsun 2000 (SLR311) roadster to be adapted to any Z. The R200 flang assy (38210-N3103) is required on Z's built from 12/74 to 7/75.


30401-22010 Clutch Housing

32130-A7100 Tail Housing

32241-A0200 Main Shaft

32890-A0100* Striking Rod Assy.

37000-E4100 Driveshaft (to 8/71)

37000-E8710 Driveshaft (from 9/71)




1990-96 300ZX Transmission For Both Turbo and NA.

The transmission model is RS5R30A.

The 300ZX model is the same for both the NA and TT, but Nissan relocated the starter in the TT, and changed the outer and inner front cases.


1st 3.214

2nd 1.925

3rd 1.302

4th 1.000

5th 0.752


Reverse 3.369




Please contact Carl Beck


With additions and or changes to this page.

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Guest niSE7EN

no info on skyline tranny and differential?

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