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DIY Vacume canister?

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I made one out of a 48 oz Hi 'C' can. It is 4" in diameter by 6.5" long and holds 81.7 cu in of vacuum at about 28 in Hg. (that's what I pulled it down to). I used an off the shelf 1/2" x 3/8" Brake Booster valve (Help! p/n 80190), 1/2" Grommet (Help! p/n 80191) and a Home Depot brass 3/8" x 1/4" Barb to MIP connector along with some J-B Weld. Just drill 2 (1 1/2" & 1 11/16") holes about 1-1/2" apart on the top of the can, drain out the contents, rinse out and let dry. Place the grommet in the 11/16" hole, followed by the 1/2" end of the vacuum valve into the grommet. Coat the threads and bottom hex of the brass fitting with J-B Weld and insert into the 1/2" hole. Make sure the J-B Weld seals the area around the 1/2" hole.

When the J-B Weld is cured, just hook up the booster valve to the vacuum outlet of the intake manifold and the barb fitting to the brake booster and you're all set. It should give you a couple of extra shots of vacuum for braking.


Good Luck,


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