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re-doing my interior: need some advice/help/inspiration

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Guys Im redoing my interior and was looking for some good ideas, etc.


How do you think a 'hybrid' black-grey interior combo would look? Anyone try it?? Can you please post some pics?


Im thinking stock black diamond transmition vinyl, 280z black plastic A pillar covers, either stock black headliner or grey carpet headliner, grey carpet everywhere else, black dash carpet cover, black GT grant steering wheel, stock black interior plastic pieces.


Should I just stick with black everywhere or go with grey in some areas?? I've a huge roll of grey A+ quality carpet already but if the combo looks bad I'll go buy black. Pics would help greatly.


Also, another question: how would you go about fixing that little chrome strip on the door panel?


Please post any pictures, advice or ideas..


I'll post my progress pics here too.


Here's what I faced after I took all the old crap out:



After dynomating the firewall and putting the dash in:



Today I ended up basicly rewiring THE WHOLE CAR, lol. Talk about the "while I'm at it." Worked from 11 am to 1 am and now EVERYTHING FINALLY WORKS. I have switches for wiper and turn signals (one for each side lol). I gave up trying to use the factory combination switches.. :(


(BTW that piece of insulation is just laying there)


More progress pics coming.

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as far as the carpet goes, i wouldnt buy a kit, just have some professionals install you some because the kits are defiantely not drop in (well mine wasnt atleast) On my door panels i just scraped the rest of the chrome strip off and there is a cool blue color underneat there, but since your car is red i dont know how much u will like that.

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I've bought a bunch of the custom factory matched carpets over the years from the most famous suppliers. They were all supposed to be custom fitted to the application and be an improvement over the stock fit. Although most of them were installed by a pro installers; none of them even layed down properly, which was most evident in the small cars where the fit is a little more difficult. For about a 30% increase in price you can get an interior guy to make you a real custom carpet application with better material and it will be a great improvement as you can cover what you desire.


In addition, I have tried what is called pipping (I think), which is a different color triming the seams of the seats where it is sewn together. This seems like it would look good when you think about it; but it always appears to look 'overdone" and is not subtle and stylish at all, unless you also like spray can chrome; especially if it is a third color. You might want to consider one color for your interior (like the nice hot rods) but with very high quality material with your own logo or something sewn in. All the expensive (and cheap) cars go with this look nowdays because it looks so rich.


If you go with a light color, make sure the dash is a dark color on the top at least; otherwise you will not be able to see anything through the windshield except the reflection of the light colored dash top itself.


Just my two cents.

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Check the zcar of the month from zcar.com last month (october 05). It had a nie grey interior. I personally dont like it but might be something for you to look at.

here is a pic:



I had a 300zx N/A that had a black/grey interior that I loved. Black carpet, black dash -- everything else grey tweed I thought it looked really nice.


Anywy cant go wrong with black, thats what im doing in my car.



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p.s. If you are having that much trouble with the wiring, you might want to consider hte painless 12 circuit kit or a product similar. I can personally attest to how nice they are. Its good to have new labled wiring and have everythign working. And for the money its a good deal I believe. Anyway It also allows you to relocate the fuse box whever you want and run spade type fuses. Anyway just a thought dont mean to jack the thread.

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My budget is very limited (going to college) so no pre-fabricated stuff or paying someone else to do the work. Also I really want to learn how to do it all too.


I absolutely LOVE the grey/black scheme in all three cars. I think I will do something very similar. Either way it will be improvement so I really cant go wrong.


A big Thank-You to everyone who posted!

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go to a carpet store and get some boat black carpet.

i paid like 50 bucks for some NICE black carpet that i have enough for 2 Z's or so.

ill be riviting it in so it flows nice and etc.

get the black vinyl thick 280Z headliner, 240Z black vinyl trim on the tranny tunnel and etc and it will look great.

thats how i did mine and i have maybe 100 bucks in my interior.



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260ZRED, do the carpet yourself. I just put new carpet in mine last week. It takes like four yards x 6' of carpet. I did mine so that it replaces the vinyl that used to cover the trans tunnel. If you do it right, there are no wrinkles anywhere and there aren't any seams up front at all except at the corners by your feet and by where your seatbelt bolts in.


You lay it in and cut it so that it lays continuously from the door sill to your feet and all the way back the trans tunnel. It continues from the back of the trans tunnel down underneath the seat and it cut to fit around all the bits that stick out.


There's a change in the shape of the trans tunnel right next to the seats, so you have to cut the carpet extra wide to wrap up over the top of the tunnel and still lay flat. This is also why you need to have a break in the carpet by the seat belt on the door side.


I'll try and get some pictures of mine. Hecka cheapa and nice. It was only $80 for carpet, insulation, glue, and razor blades from lowes.


If your mom's got a sewing machine, you can cut carpet for the back and sew edging around it. That's what I'm working on right now. I want to pull the vinyl off the wheel wells in the back and lay some thick insulation and carpet to quiet down the back of the car and clean it up a bit.

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I like the grey/black look. I need carpet (not new carpet just ANY carpet...) and have been starting to think about what color. At first I just thought black everything but then I got to thinking. My first car was a brown 260 with light brown interior and I remember it felt roomy and comfy. That car is long gone but my current 240 feels well clostrophobic (spel?) and I think that largly has to do with the fact my interior is black and dark brown. I think light carpet would make it feel a lot roomier and more inviting.



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