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Happy Thanksgiving

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Just wanted to wish everybody a happy Thanksgiving.


I just finished up all the prep work and now everything is cooking. Pretty low key here this year just Lisa and me, she's on bed rest with the twins due Dec 29th. It's been a pretty crazy year; fifth round of invetro, getting pregnant with twins, new job, new house, sold Cobra, bought Scarab, move back into old house (long story short she didn't think it felt like "home") now the waiting for the magical day of our new arrivals. I have a lot to be thankful for, truly blessed.


Hope everybody has a great day and for those fortune ones a nice extended weekend.



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Happy Thanksgiving to you too. Chris and I celebrated our 33rd anniversary on Thanksgiving this year and had a housefull of family and friends. I actually started tearing up later in the evening thinking about how blessed I am with a wonderful wife, two great sons, a beautiful daughter-in-law and the cutest ever grandson who was asleep in my arms at that time.



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Since I have seen soldiers from Irag post here; my family and I want to wish every American in Iraq a happy Thanksgiving and a safe tour. We think about all the wonderful sons, daddys, husbands that are over there in that God forsaken place every day and all the people that miss them here at home. We want all of you to get back home as soon as possible.

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