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1971 Datsun 240z resto.project [vids/pics]

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Guest kevbrogers



Thank you so much for sharing this process with us. I'm in awe of your abilities. You are a true craftsman...and inspiration. In fact, I'm on the prowl for a 240 of my own. I may have to ship it to Sweden to get it done right ;)

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Man, I love your videos.   I'm holding my breath for the next one.

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Apparently someone thought that the driver side door should open

a bit more - and used force to have it their way. Or maybe someone

forgot the door was open - while reversing. Who knows.


What I do know. is that this crap is gonna need some welding before it's

powdercoated. No sh*t sherlock? Ugh. To tired to write more (6 am) : D

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talk about inspirational. last night i watched all of your videos. wow I'm stoked!


I just now found out there are little contentments behind the seats thanks to your video :icon44:


the videos were great and I think I'm going to start my own video soon of my project.


but the calvin's pissing on the supra name was unnecessary *adjusts his supra hat*

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Sealing is finished! Well, 98% at least. There's always some place overlooked.

Main object today was to seal up the small gap between the floor and rocker.

So I did, and every other tiny gap I could find - around the door openings, the

hatch, windshield, etc.


After that was done with, I felt like doing something ... Different. So I decided

my ugly R180 diff needed some cosmetic surgery á la Bling. I had some 800 and

1200-grit paper laying around. Plus I found some polish. Whatever... : )


I might finish it and put it on Ebay, lol ^_^













be super super careful when your powder coating those parts.

make sure that all open holes/threads will have NO powder put on them!



Aye aye Captain! : )

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AHHH!!!! I know what I am doing the next time I pull my diff!!!!!

I am starting with my SUs and intake runners soon...did you use water?

you can't even see that U-joint though...time to bling out a set of those steel halfshafts...

Nope. No water. I just used a 60-grit flap disc to grind the worst down, after

which I loaded my trusty $15 orbital sander with some 120-grit to smooth out

the worst scratches. When I thought it was smooth enough - I changed from

120-grit to 800 and went on back to work for a bit, until it was time for 1200.


Used some polish on it just for fun, wasn't really necessary though since it was

already pretty much mirror like.


I think your work on the SU's will pay off more than the diff since it's not

something you look at every day... (Not that you look under the hood

every single day, but you get the point :))


Good luck : )

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sweet Mull! What sandpapers did you use? Mine have lots of casting imperfections so I had to hit those spots with a little 60 grit. I hit it with 120 and then some 400. I haven't found anything over 400 at any of the local hardware stores so I may have to buy some from summit or some other provider. Did you use any metal polish on it?

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There are still some minor scratches on it since I finished it in a hurry ... ; (


Anyway, I just used a nylon wire-brush to get the worst off, after which I

used some 320 grit to get the worst scratches and casting imperfections.


Carried on using 800 and finishing off with 1200. Used some metal polish on

a textile, eh... polish wheel (whatever they might be called) to get the bling thumb-up.gif

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Thanks RacerX! : )


I too look forward to more pictures. All I do these days is wait for the middle

of July to come. That's when my sorry I-dont-know-how-to-weld a$$ will get

help from Stefan (paint guy) to patch up my front fenders and have him spray

them and the hood with epoxy, and I'll take it from there.


SCE will help out with fabricating the beams (correct word?) in order to have

somewhere to mount the new seats (haven't arrived yet though) - but again,

I have to wait till the middle of July due to their busy schedule. Hopefully I'll

have my new fuel cap welded into a very unsuspected place as well... : )


The guy making custom flares doesn't have any time to spare either, not until

the end of July. Sheesh! Wait wait wait : )


Luckily, next week, I'm hoping some of the missing bearings for the engine will

turn up (not that I'll have a finished car to put the engine in, but still...) : )


Just dreaming; I was thinking of getting a set of these:



Do you guys think it would be possible to fit the reservoirs in the cowl area?


Due to regulations (no reservoirs allowed inside the car) they can't be mounted

like in the picture above : (

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