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LT1/Ford 30lb injectors/clips don't fit?

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Hey all,


Engine is 1995 LT1. I've done some mods and so have been researching and buying goodies as time and budget permit.


I bought some of the Ford Motorsport 30Lb injectors that Brian at PCM for less and many on these pages seem to like.


The are the same size and all, but the clips that hold the injectors into the rail do not fit. I got the clips from my stock injectors, and just assumed that since the Ford units will work, they would secure with the same hardware.


Are there different clips for these injectors, or do you just not use clips at all? Looks to me like the bolts that mount the rail assembly on top of the manifold hold everything together?


I did searches but could not find this particular topic........





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I just installed the same injecters (30 lb) on my LS1. At first I thought the same thing they wouldn't fit. But I was pushing them in to far. Slide them in just until you see the first little cut the clip goes in. Then put the clip on.


Hope that helps


Yup I bet thats the problem. I did the same thing with my injectors before I realized what I did wrong.

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Thanks everyone......


My old injectors bottomed out in the rail......I think. I just assumed that you needed to fully seat the injector to keep it from leaking.


I'll bet its OK either way; fully seat them and forget the clips, or partial seat and use the clips. As long as it doesn't leak, it should be fine.


Thanks for the help



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