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Pleading not guilty in CA

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For Florida, when the ticket is close to being due, I go and request a court date. If you can recall the officer when you get there, take a moment (as long as you were cool when you got pulled over) pull the officer to the side and ask him if it is okay if you request, "With hold of judification". It may be spelled "adjudication". This doesn’t mean you are guilty or not guilty from what I’ve been told. You still pay the ticket and the court cost, but keeps things from going to insurance. I've not had one officer say no so far and I’ve contested most.

What’s nice about going to court is the officer wont show at times. I’ve had at least 3 not show before and they throw them out.

I’ve even done one by mail and was court ordered to take a safe driving course, but because it was court ordered, I am still eligible to elect to go to a driving course in the future. In Florida I think you can only do it once per year or once per lifetime. I forget which.

Each state is different, I talked to an attorney originally and this is what he told me to do. You may want to double check.


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Save yourself some money and strife. Pay it.


strife? it takes 5 minutes or less to type a letter and print it out using ms word, then pop it in an envelope and mail it to the court. That is easy as pie and worth it especially if it gets the ticket dismissed. Since rudypoo is young and going to school the courts always look favorably on a good poor student trying to do right story. I used it alot when I was younger and it works! A judge will do alot more favors by mail in the privacy of his/her office than they will in front of 50 other people in a court room and on the record. Reason is its like they say when you show up somewhere and they closed the door already and they say "If I let you in, I have to let everyone else in too." But if you send a letter, they don't have to deal with that.


If I am going to just give up and pay, I will at least write a letter of explanation, or go to court and ask for a reduction and lastly request traffic school. The cost of insurance on a 2 seat sports car is high enough without the extra points on your driving record.


Consider this good advice for the next one because its not a question of if you'll get another ticket but when.

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thatsd why god made traffic school. in some places in cayou can get a 12 hour drivers school if you have gone to driver school within 1 1/2 years of your now tickie.


you will lose if you fight. guaranteed. welcome to cali traffic court.....


pay and go to drivers school--it is not so bad----i diod it --my piglet and i got 10 tix on I-5 going to work in Los angeles ER 's-----no way to get off, my friend, sorry--please go to driver schoola nd get it offa yer record, mon............

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