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Wangan Style PINKS Crew Shirt

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Way to go guys!


Thanks Mike for answering that question!

So as you all can see the 19th is not very far off!


Some of you guys may or may not have contributed to these outstanding competitors in the past, but as of now... you are all official contributive sponsers!! :2thumbs:


Mike is maintaining a list of the official contributors and is planning a special tribute of some sort for them. I will surrender the shirt order list to him before they compete so that no one is missed!!

Keep up the good work!


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Good to hear from you Mario!

Thank you for your order.

And many thanks to thoes that have ordered without posting as well!!


For thoes that have not received their order confirmation yet, they will be going out tonight.

The order is still on schedule and I will keep you abreast of any changes.


Many thanks!


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Thanks guys!!

Three days left before the race!

Hey is there any one that is a member of other Z forums that would be willing to post a link to this page or copy and paste it?

I dont want to spam any one but, want to get it out some more.

Any ideas are more than welcome!


I will be sending the contributions out to the boys Friday.


Many, many thanks!:hail:

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