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How does a 1987 supra turbo compare to a 1984 300zx turbo?

Okay Z

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Guest ZFury

Those are two powerfull fans placed side by side. It gives it a little extra HP. It is about the equavalant of ram air. Except you get it sitting still. It is noticable at the low end, but once up around 6k in the RPMs it is noticable anymore. It is homemade and more powerfull than those $100 electric turbos you see on the net.

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I would have to say go with the supra, though it is a little heavier, and I havent a clue as to where Redbeauty is getting his information the 7MGTE is a VERY realiable block.


Stock for stock, the Supra has 30 more horse then the Z. Its is an inliner, which I think is a much better choice, dual overhead cam. Also, comes factory with an LSD, no search for one or having to pay outrageous price for a used one.


They handle very well, are adjustable as far as alignments go at almost ever point front and back.


I have owned both and would say the Supra is the better choice. You will find that a lot of the Z31 crowd carries a bit of disdain towards the MKIII supra.


Pesonally I think its a great car and you cant lose with them. I wouldnt look for on on ebay though as they get overpriced there, as with many things.


Good luck in your choice and search

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well i just looked at that supra site and i must say i am a bit impressed i didnt give them that much credit , but still i bet the high number guys have really bad spooling , and isnt the 7mgte whatever something like a 2.5 liter? , the vg with the extra displacement should make it a better candidate for a big turbo.


The 7MGTE is a 3.0, the 1JZGTTE was a 2.5 liter, but it wasn't offered in the US. Someone correct me if needed, but generally an inline engine tends to make boost faster and hold it better.

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also, it has been found that one of the main reasons for a 7M to blow the head gasket is improper head bolt torque settings from the factory, but still to be safe i would get a metal HG.


i would personally rather own a Z31, but that is totally because i am a Z guy. but i still do like the MkIII supras. a Z31 will out handle a MkIII and look better while doing it.


perhaps the MkIII might be a bit faster stock for stock, but after every straight there is a corner.

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the supra motors are very good. i put one in my toyota truck. they rev to the moon, and have goobs of torque. replace the head gasket with a metal one and your set.


the displacement of the supra motor is as follows


5mge- 2.8L (dual overhead cam 12 valve)

7mge- 3.0L (dual overhead cam 24 valve)


these motors are excellent. i would love to swap one into my Z. i would swap a 7mgte into my Z. they are reliable and can make loads of power. not to mention man are they easy to work on.


anyone considering a RB25 swap should really look at the 7mgte. the parts are a lot easier to get since the motor was actually sold here for a number of years.


i put the 5mge into my truck. i didn't need the turbo because i used the truck for rock crawling. but i really loved the motor. it is very smooth and powerful. i could do burn outs with 4.10 gears a lincoln locker and 33" tall tires. i wish i could find a good 7mge and swap it in the Z.


heres a picture





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Guest Jason84NA-T

This argument is not only completely stupid, it's also made utterly moot by the fact that both engines have been shown to make VERY similar power numbers (over 700RWHP 7M's and VG's exist, but more people modify 7M's so it's obviously much more well-known) with similar modifications. In fact, if you want to talk about pure "best" HP numbers, the VG has the 7M beat by a long shot.There's no doubt in my mind that the supra came with slightly more advanced technology from the factory, but that's meaningless on a highly modified car anyway. It was intercooled, DOHC, coilpacks, hotfilm maf, bigger turbo and injectors... all of which gave it a very slight HP advantage that was rendered useless by the fact that it was (and is) placed in a heavy pig of a car.


I have a few supra buddies and I rebuilt an 88 MKIII turbo with my dad a while back. The fact to me is the 7M is a heavier, more expensive, more complex engine that's harder to work on; and that's the only breaking point for me personally. Why would you make such a incremental "upgrade" (if you can even call it that, see above) from a VG? It's not even worth the time to install it... spend the money on a 2JZ or bust!


Edit: I personally have no dislike for either the 7M or the MKIII. I actually really like them both as great, inexpensive examples of 80's sportscars that can make gobs of power. I just feel this argument is useless and slanted, and with people posting about the 7M that have no idea of the VG's potiential it makes it even worse.

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Yeah, what jason said.....


Both are awesome powerplants, both have the cool 80's look to them, and they both have great potential.


If I had to choose I would go with a VG in a Z...as personal preference, and that alone. when I had my old junkyard VG on 20psi it planted down 450rwhp with an $800.00 turbo, $500 JWT ecu, $300 intercooler setup and a $400 exhaust, and a few $$ for misc items and some man hours, you are looking at ~$2500 for a screaming 500hp monster and it sounded like a freaking Jet...seriously, it did :D


pretty good deal to me considering most complete turbo upgrade kits cost more than that and make less power.


and on a plus side, the z31/VG community are coming up with some pretty trick stuff that won't break your budget either, like the Romulator, Poly engine/trans/diff mount, custom aluminum transmission crossmember, and all sorts of other cool gadgets to set your car apart from the others.


If you go with the 7m, do the head gasket at the minimum, upgrade the compressor side of the CT26 turbo, and do some fueling and I'm sure you can do the same thing the VG can. and most importantly...have fun!

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hey. above i like both engines. to me they have pros and cons. i like a straight six because of the simplicity in working on them. i have worked on inline motors for years. i now own two v6's and i love the power in them. i have a mitsubishi with a 3.5 L V6 that has tons of power. i also like the VG. it has 112000 miles on it and doesn't burn a drop of oil. i also like the nissan electronics on the 84 better then toyota 84' electronics. the nissan was way ahead of the game. the nissans diagnostic system is also much easier to use and get the codes out of.


so for me its a push at best. i like them both. i like my VG and can't wait to have enough money to restore the cars body and then start the overhaul of the motor and adding some turbo. its a hell of a fun car to drive. mine looks like a POS but i don't car because its so much fun to drive.



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Guest Jason84NA-T
Man... what the hell. I've never seen those before. That's exactly what I need. :lol: Thanks for the info 2+2!


I've been on here how many years and you never once clicked the links in my sig? LOL

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isnt the 7mgte whatever something like a 2.5 liter? ' date=' the vg with the extra displacement should make it a better candidate for a big turbo. another thing is that the electramotive car that ran imsa back in the 90's used vg blocks , totally works head and everything and they were running over 900 hp out of rthose things revving to 9000rpms in endurance races , its true that in the later years they ran aluminum blocks , and alot of the stuff in those motor ware one off masterpieces , but i havent heard of any race team running 7mgte's ..



7M is a 3.0 liter. HKS was running 7's in the QM with this engine destroked to 2.7 liters in the 90's.


The reason you have never heard of Toyota running 7MG's in LMP's is because they used the 3SG in that era. 2.1 liter four-banger making around 800hp for 24 hour endurance races. The same engine Rod Millen uses in his Pikes Peak Celica/Tacoma, only his 3SG makes 1000hp.


We shouldn't base our decisions about what motor is better on works race engines. If we did, it's likely that we'd all be driving Honda's; with them making 850hp from NA 3 liters, and all.


For the record, there are (were) lots of 600hp 7MG's running around in Japan. You never see them anymore...


84z31, you forgot the mighty 6MG, which was a 3.0 liter version of the two valve 5MG ;)

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Guest ON3GO

theres quiet a few 600+hp 7M's in the states, but most people that have a 7M car from the factory just think there junk and swap in 2JZ's or 1JZ's because they think there that much better.



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