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Did somebody say Audi???

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Well firt it's 600 "flywheel" horses' date=' aprox. never dynoed.


Second, the turbo is not srock, I'm not sure but I think it comes from an euro S8.


Third, The most cheap tricks are a manual "ballvalve" boos controler for the externall wastegate "internal one we welded shut" another one for the boost line that goes to the computer so this way, we can trick the wastgate actuator and the ecu into tinking it's NOT making boost thus spools up to like 20psi.


Fourth, we reflashed the computer with an map from an euro S4 witch makes way more power than the american version and as a bonus no speed limitter.


Fifth, there is a connector somewhere under the pass. side carpet witch just loops the 2 wires comming out of the harness, you remove this and BLAM! more free power, i'm not sure what it does exactly but, we read this on an S4 board and we tried and it does work.[/quote']

my honda civic makes 600hp. you knnoe 120ish base hp plus 10 for intake, plus 40 for exhaust and headers, plus 50 for porta n polish my 50shot of nitrous and my new spark plus say they will give me 50%more power so that's like got to be 600 hp right?

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inline 5???

the twin turbo S4's are V6's..




They exist Check out wikipedia buddy there 20 valves 5 cylinders if they werent that expensive i might do it


Taken Off Wikipedia


The S4 was sold worldwide with a turbocharged version of Audi's 2.2 L (2226 cc)' date=' 20-valve inline-5 engine developing 230 PS (227 hp/169 kW) and 350 N·m (258 ft·lbf) of torque. A 280 PS (276 hp/206 kW) 4.2 V8 became available to European customers as an option. Quattro all-wheel-drive and a manual transmission (six-speed in Europe, five-speed in North America) were standard equipment.




the twin turbo comment is probally correct though

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To be fair, there is a guy in california making almost 600whp on the 20vt inline 5. http://www.80tq.com/20vtMotor.html Far from bolt on factory turbo's and a euro reflash though. And techincally you can mod the early quattro transmissions to be rear wheel drive, but it was never a factory effort.

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The line 5 i s only single turbine and with the right one it's more than enough, this engine is very, very strong as is and has alot of free power to be released. I'm pretty sure that I read somewhere about an rwd version, but maybe it was not a "version" but an "conversion" I'll have to dig on the net find this site. If you whant to see this engine in action, check this out:http://5cylinder.com/main.htm, remember that this car is 4WD and you'll start getting an idea of what I'm talkin about.


I'm not try'n to blow smoke up anyone's rearends, this is truely a piece of work. Sorry again for my earlier burst of anger.

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That's one nasty vehicle. I always admired the quattro - those flares remind me of the early M3 box flares!


Thank you Alex for sharing that video. Being a 5 cylinder motor - I wonder if there are balance issues when trying to obtain optimum horsepower?




Read up on that wikipedia it tells you alot


If you think about it theres always a piston thats at the top

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I have an opportunity to pick up a 1992 aluminum block Quattro V8 with the 5 speed. I think I am going to keep it in the Audi though. Too high priced a swap and too complicated with the AWD systemand electronics. The one I can get only has 120k on the clock and has been baby'd. Sweet ride, but a bit on the heavy side. The guy is a friend of mine who just picked up a new A8 and was going to donate the Quattro V8 since he doesn't want to deal with selling it. I told him I'd give him the value of the tax return. It helps to know cool people who have more money than they know what to do with.

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It'll be rad as long as I don't break it. There aren't many places that work on them where I live other than Audi and they charge a fortune. Parts are rediculously expensive and finding a replacement transmission is next to impossible. But, it is a fairly rare car and he is the original owner with all of the receipts. The inline fives are amazing though, and can put up some crazy numbers. There's a video I remember of one with around 500 HP I'll post it if I can find it.

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