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Humming noise at ~50 mph


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Drove my sbc 78Z home from the muffler shop last night - first drive! It has a GM TH350 trans. Everything seems good, but there is a humming noise that begins around 45-50 mph and gets a little higher as the speed increases. It goes away when I slow down.


Any ideas?


Sorry if this has been covered, but it's hard to search for a "humming noise"!

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Umm....not exactly. I used the Motorsport engine and tranny mounts, so I went with their instructions to set the center of the yoke a certain distance from the top of the tunnel. It was about 2 years ago and I can't remember exactly what the distance was, but I think it was about 5.5 inches.

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Motorsports won't get you close enough for every car is different.

Check out Petes pages and measure to see if you are close.




If you have not done this before it takes a bit of research but its not that hard once you figure out the 2 basic paralell axis attitudes and the 2 related running driveshaft angles. Look at this way doesn't cost any bling to just jack up the car and measure to see what you got. No special tools needed just an angle finder and some creative ambition.

Good Luck!


Congrats on the first drive!



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