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Well, I was looking for intercoolers on ebay a few days ago and realized I didn’t know what would fit my Z without a tape measure and my car in front of me. So, I decided to create a cheat sheet with the dimensions of my ’73 240z’s engine bay and seats. I figure these might be useful to other people, so I’m posting it here.

If any of the measurements are hard to understand just ask and I'll explain what I was measuring.


[update] 7 years later, Mark was right. Thankfully, I never delete anything. I re-hosted the pics on my personal website because I am having issues uploading to HybridZ right now.

Overhead View of the Engine Bay




Passenger Fender

Radiator Support

Radiator Support, Driver’s Side

Radiator Support, Passenger’s Side

Overhead View in Front of Radiator Support

Overhead View of Seat Rails

Side of Seat

Bottom of Seat

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I just remember 25mm to an inch (though I just googled it and it is actually 25.4).


Google makes unit conversions really easy too. For example, search for "25 inches to mm" and it will give you the conversion at the top. This works for almost any unit of measurement, including some really obscure ones.

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Are there measurements for the front strut towers, as in angles and such? Doesn't look like they are perpendicular to the front rails.

The base of the strut towers are 29 5/8 inches apart, the top outer edge is 31 1/2 inches apart. They are 15 1/2 inches tall.


That means that they run 1 7/8 inches inward over 15 1/2 inches of height. Seems to calculate out to about a 6.5 degree run at a little over 15.6 inches going up the side of the strut tower (according to a triangle calculator).


Umm... Thanks for the links.


Just to clarify; I'm lazy - not stupid ; )


Well, I didn't learn how to convert inches to mm until my senior year in high school (in Chemistry for some reason). They didn't even teach it in Physics, oddly enough.


I swear I fell asleep during all the important classes in elementary school or something.

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