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1971 240z restoration PICS

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  • 2 weeks later...

i used kreem sealer.

first time doing this so it came out ok.

heres are some pictures.It was eihter doing it myself or paying almost $300 dollars to have a shop do it.





it was so hot in the Inland Empire july 4 that i didn't have time to remove some of the leftover sealer so i got some drips. stuff dries quick but you have to leave it for atleast 2 days for it to fully cure.

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They sell a special screw-on fitting for a cutoff tool at your local auto parts store. It is essentially a rubber pad with a bunch of rubber fingers on it. It will strip the paint off (or old dried gasket material) without doing much to the aluminum of the head. Makes for a nice pretty "brushed" finish to put up to your gaskets.













Only the head was rebuilt since it had bad valves. and the block was cleaned from all the oil resedue and i removed the carbon buildup on of the piston.

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I'm going to be installing the 240sx e-brake handle, cables and calipers in the next couple of days. Lots of cutting fabricating and welding. Also i will be installing Ross rear calipers brackets. which i just order. I decided to go with the 240sx e-brake system its more modern i guess and to be different. Its going to be on the drivers side, i was thinking of putting it in the middle of the trans tunnel

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