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How do you guys build your engines?

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Guest mattrp

I have a pitiful 305 in my 72 z and am going to begin building my next engine. I want to build the so popular 383, but how should I do it. I have an excellent shop that can do the machine work, but should I get a junk yard block/crate engine? Where can I get the stroker crank and all other parts to make my 383. I want a to do the job right, but not terribly expensively. Anybody got a block they want to sell?



72 500z

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As far as a suitable candidate for a block, probably any junkyard refugee (350) will do, even a 2-bolt. In the build-up process, most likely you will have to replace absolutely everything except for the block itself.


Shameless commercial plug - consider my stuff in the "for sale" section.


However, if you farm out all of the work to a machine shop (that is, they build you a turnkey engine), they may be reluctant to work on a block that you supply to them, because that's less profit for them. Check ahead of time.


Yet another option is to buy an assembled shortblock, for example from http://www.speedomotive.com/. That's the route I was planning on taking, before I went with "plan B" and got my big block.

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Guest Anonymous

I am also int he process of building a 383. I bought a running 350 out of a 1979 truck for $120.00. The HEI is all good but everything else will be junked in favor of hi-po equipment. My crankshaft is a SCAT 383 cast unit I picked up new on Ebay for $180.00 direct from a dealer. The rods are new 5.7" I beam forged units I got off Ebay for $120.00 from another dealer. Summit sells a 383 engine kit complete with pistons, gaskets, rings, bearings, etc for around $300.00. I'm going to buy new E31 Vortec heads completely assembled for $200.00 ea. Of course there is a lot more little stuff that adds up very quickly but I expect to spend not much more than $3000.00 for an engine that will give me 450hp and 450ft-lbs of torque. It will be a reliable engine that will give me years of service. Good luck!!!



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I had my motor built by BowTie Performance in Bristol, Tennessee. They built a 4 bolt Bowtie block, Dart aluminum head, Hydraulic roller valvetrain, motor from oil pan to intake, including port work, Port matching the aluminum Victor Jr.intake, screening and painting the block for $3900 shipped. My build was done with a scatt crank, LT1 Rods, and Keith Black pistons, using Zgap rings. The motor was buttoned up with ARP bolts and studs. The way I see it is this: I could have built this motor myself, but one small mistake could have cost me more than the aggrevation. I let the pros do it and that allowed me more free time to get the car ready for the conversion! Also, I priced the parts in Summit and Jegs, and I wouldhave saved $600 had I built it myself with mail order parts. That was not worth the headache. As for not being able to say "I built it myself", I figured doing the rest of the car covered those bragging rights!




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