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3" Dynomax Super Turbo

Just Jim

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UPS just delivered a 3 inch in/out Dynomax Super turbo for my 302 240Z. The shorty headers are connected to two 2.5 Dynomax bullet mufflers then to a 3 inch outlet "y" pipe then 3 inch pipe and mandrel bends to the Super Turbo located in the stock location. I'm just finishing up the exhaust in preparation to start the car for the first time. The 3 inch Super Turbo has 3 inch in and out but the internal tubes seem to be only 2.5 inch not 3. Is this going to hurt anything or should I get another type of muffler that is 3 inch all the way through?

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I highly doubt that there would be any noticeable difference if you got a different muffler. Save the $$$.


I have basically the same system (except the cats, don't need 'em in Washington) and it seems pretty good: I drove the car uncapped quite a bit, and barely noticed any difference once the exhaust was installed. I like 3" Dynomax Super Turbo--it's pretty quiet....very sleeper-ish.

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Thanks for the input. I'm not running cats though as no smog stuff is required on a '72 in California. The 3 inch Super Turbo has an offset inlet and center outlet and cost about $55. Funny thing is the center in center out is $135 at Summit. Maybe it is 3 inch all the way thru but doesn't seem to be worth another $80.Hopefully it isn't too loud.

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