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hi everyone. I have always loved all of the z cars, especially the 300 and 350. I was looking for a project car, and I actually found a 1986 300zx turbo for only $500. the guy says that he woke up one morning, cranked it up and there was no oil pressure. if he actran it like that(he says he didn't) I know it is probably got problems. so I am trying to plan ahead and have a game-plan for when I get started. should I get the current motor rebuilt, find a new vg30ET, or do a HYBRID? I was hoping to stay with the vg30ET but the only thing I could find online was the block...and they want $1,600 for JUST the block. if anyone knows of a site that I could get the entire motor from PLEASE leave the link. but I would greatly appreciate any and all help. hybrid, rebuilt, or new vg30ET? what should it be? thanks for the help

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Guest Jason84NA-T

Buy it, buy any VG30 you can get your hands on for ~$200 (I find them all over in pathfinders, maximas, etc.) buy oil pan and manifold gaskets and swap everything over... then have a fairly nice car for under a grand.


The VG30 can make plenty of power. Mine has yet to be unleashed...


edit: http://www.car-part.com

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thank you for the link, i finally found what i needed. i would just like to say that i love your site, and i have gotten alot of needed information from it. thanks again for the link. from someone with so much knowledge and experience, what do you think that i should do, with everything? stay with the vg in general, or do a transplant. and also, since the non-turboed engine had different compression, what all would need to be changed to make it able to handle the turbo safely if i do get just the vg30?

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