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250 GTO Owners Thread

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Very very impressive. Congratulations.

Found these two at a local consignment dealer.             http://www.specialtysales.com/vehicles/11090             http://www.specialtysales.com/vehicles/11089  

Boranni got their modern (hub) design from Dayton...  You might say Boranni and Dayton wheels are essentially the same, because the only real difference is where the spoke go through the rim.

Posted Images

Good looking car Lee Davis but I don't think it's a Alpha 1 GTO because of the nose and trunk.  Tom Edwards was the first to put a trunk on his "Scorpion" Ferrari 250 GTO replica.  Do you have a serial number?  You can find it stamped in the firewall.  I might be able to find it in the GTO Replica Registry  or I could have it on the old Terry Watson registry list. 


1962 Ferrari 250 GTO Replica



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I think he commented that he had a NASCAR fuel cell so that makes it easier to just go around it.  On my car I hung the pipes under it.  He also said they were Dayton wheels. 


Ooops, sorry TomoHawk, maybe you didn't see the other thread 250 GTO Replica on eBay  http://forums.hybridz.org/topic/126672-250gto-replica-on-ebay/ he added to.





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I had submitted about 20 really lousy pictures taken with my iPhone.


However, they were submitted to the Non Teck post.


Can anyone guide me as to getting them sent/reposted on the General Topics and 250 GTO Owners post?


I really don't want to have to find those pics again on my phone.


Any help is greatly appreciated.



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I am wondering if there is any interest in a threshold plate that says Ferrari, Stainless steel. These would be the ones that Skillard.com makes right now for the Datsun.


I emailed him and is open to the idea if we have enough interest.... anyone besides me??


I ask that you please comment here and he can see there is an interest since he is on this board.


Thank you!

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If you offered a set to me for free, I would turn you down.  The reason is that these cars were just not that fancy,  there was no ventilation fan, rear-window defogger, not even carpet on the floor, except for a few exceptions by the private owners.  I've looked at photos of the door doors, and they were either plain, or bare-  no metal at all; all you could see was the frame which is otherwise covered. on street cars.


You  need to stay with your goal of building a GT car or a race car.  The race cars were bare-bones vehicles, but the GT car were sometimes afforded a bit of car or the diamond-pattern vinyl on the transmission tunnel.


If you really wanted to put something there, I'd suggest just a flat piece of metal, cut from a sheet, (not bent, like the Datsun piece is) with the script OR the logo (be careful of putting the word FERRARI on it, unless you like lawsuits, but the Cavallino speaks lots.)  a brushed texture would be plenty of 'fancy.'


This photo is of the Sir Stirling Moss car:




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While I appreciate you gave input, I don't " need to stay with your goal of building a GT car or a race car. "


That is not *my* goal. My goal is to have a car with an awesome look and the power behind it. I want my lady to be happy to ride in the car with me because it is comfortable and looks nice. I don't want a strictly street beast. ...

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