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UCLA has upset #2 USC in a huge rival in NCAA football!

Guest 280ZForce

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Guest 280ZForce

Woo hoo! Go Bruins!


UCLA (unranked) put up a helluva game against the Trojans (#2) and prevailed to win 13-9!


Don't know who follows college football, but this is huge.


USC will no longer be able to play in the championship game now because of this defeat, it has knocked them outta the #2 spot.

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FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! damusc anyway-----about time ucla got their 2 cents in!!!!!

navy beat army????? gawd, the world's coming to an end!!!!!!!!



wowie, zowie-this year's better thasn i thought it was gonna be.............


wish i was at my last workplace--most of the nursies were from USC--proximity factor--right next door--gotta be a tomb today!!!


good attitude, davidk----i know they'll be back in their true form next year.

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Don't forget that TAMU took down t.u. last week. Now it looks as if the former national champs are headed to the Alamo Bowl to face a 6-6 opponent. :D


I'm an Ohio State fan by marriage, so I'm pulling for OSU vs Michigan in the BCS Championship game. That would be classic. Unfortunately for me, it looks like the rest of the nation wants Florida.

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Pop N Wood


It is the end of the third quarter, Monday night.


It appears that "Smash Mouth" Football (against softies)

is synonymous with "Brokeback" Football


Could this be the undefeated best?


It does look like they know how to train Coaches though, Thanks


Yeah, I had that one coming.


I never would have predicted that outcome and I would have put money up against anyone who did.

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